The Encounter

Oil and cold wax, 8x24x1.5”

Pearl Light

Oil and cold wax, 14X11”

East Beach Breakfast

Oil on panel, 12x18x1.5”


Gouache, 4x5”

I Own A Rothko Black on Dark Sienna on Purple

Gouache, 7x6”

I Own A Rothko No. 9

Gouache, 7x6”

I Own A Rothko No. 61

Gouache, 6.5x5”

I Own A Rothko Red and Brown

Gouache, 7x5”

I Own A Rothko Yellow On Orange

Gouache, 7x6”

I Own A Rothko Yellow and Orange

Gouache, 6x6”

Pink River

Oil on panel, 15x24”

Red Rock Swim

Oil on panel, 20x16”

Red Dog, Green River

Oil on panel, 12x12x2”

Red Rock Swimmers

Oil on panel, 12x12”

Red Rock Bathers

Gouache, 5x7”

River and Road

Gouache, 4.5x5”

River Swim

Gouache, 4x5”

Sun Spot

Oil on canvas, 24x24”

This Is the Last Straw

7x8” Gouache

The Last Straw as Gibraltor Dam

Gouache, 7x5”

The Last Straw as Juncal Dam

Gouache, 7x5”

Turquoise and Coral

Oil and cold wax, 12x12x1.5”

Ynez Wringing Her Hair

Oil on panel, 20x24”