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A New Project Begins-California Culture Meets Facebook


A new project begins... 

I am painting the faces of California

.  More specifically, I am painting the unique cultures that influence us and make us who we are today in the new millennium.  The idea has been so intriguing that there will be a corresponding mini-documentary video that will accompany each portrait.  The subject can then tell you in his or her own words, what their culture is all about.  And the best part is you get to follow the journey via email, Facebook, my blog/website until I get the portraits finished and have a show.

This is a collaborative project with my community.

Who do you think is culturally innovative in our area and needs to be included in this exciting project?

The more input I receive the better overall slice of our extraordinary community will be represented. So far  Ron Heller suggested

Mike Lopez

, Chairman of the Gaming Commission at the


casino, Jean Paul Garcia suggested

Renny Yater

of Yater Surf Boards,

Elizabeth Poett

(Rancho San Julian Beef) suggested

Richard and Thekla Sanford

of Alma Rosa Winery, etc..  And the list goes on.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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