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Welcome to the New Year 2018

Good Bye 2017....and all your drama.  The Thomas Fire seemed to upstage the holiday, but not our love for one another.  I wish you the best of all things, great and small in 2018!

From Susan Bush at Sullivan Goss, An American Gallery.  We hereby cordially invites you to the OPENING FOR THE 100 GRAND EXHIBITION, TAKE 2.

The original opening was scheduled for 1st Thursday, December 7th. (400 Intrepid and Devoted Friends and Fans showed up.) Of course, this little thing called THE LARGEST WILDFIRE IN MODERN CALIFORNIA HISTORY was ablaze, which depressed turnout both during the opening and in the weeks that have followed.  If you wanta 100 GRAND opening, this is your second chance: 1st THURSDAY, January 4th from 5-8pm…

Cloud Formations .jpg

"Cloud Formations"

These diminutive 2x3 gouaches are framed as one large statement...

RAIN IN 2018!

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