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Past, Present, and Future

30 Years and Counting: Elverhoj Museum of Art and History

Past, Present,and Future

Good Times, oil on canvas by Holli Harmon

Good Times, oil on canvas by Holli Harmon

I feel so fortunate to be part of such a special history.  The Elverhoj Museum of Art and History is a sweet gem.  Small museums are a gift to any and all communities.  Kudos to Esther Bates, Museum Director and the team of board members and volunteers that make the magic happen!

ART REVIEW: Variety as Spice and Creative Grease by Joseph Woodard

Santa Barbara NewsPress/Scene

'Juxtaposition' brings together a group of wellknown local artists

A different shade of summery art enters the exhibition picture courtesy of the summer/beach/R&R aura of Holli Harmon's small and evocative gouache on art board images. Here images of people at leisure or of Santa Barbara harbor and wharf lights reflected on nocturnal water contain none of that post-Modernist, Eric Fischl-style air of critique, but instead embrace the innocence of the gesture, as if transforming family or "found" photographs into the stuff of hand-painted art.....Joseph Woodard
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