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Sorolla and Summertime


I finally got to see one of my favorite artists at the San Diego Museum of Art.   I own several of his art books, but I finally got to see his work in person.  They were so big!  and so small!  I loved his collection of "apuntes" (translates to notes from Spanish). These small sketches are lovely, intimate, little vignettes.  

And that is exactly how I like to work!

Often, my little apuntes, are really just dots of color. Some may end  up as a new large painting.  I wait to see which images sing the loudest.  

 I wait to see which images sing the loudest from my new little flock of miniature masterpieces.  


Here is my latest batch of "apuntes". You will get to see these in the "Six Pack Exhibit" at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club.


 Some of these are ideas for my Go For It series.

Of course, my Water series are always entwined with summer and fun .

And now, I'm Playing with Fire  (new series).

Here is an example of a small sketch that got upscaled into a large painting.