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Portraits in 3 Media


This project has grown and has a life of its own.  I recently returned to interview Lyndal Laughrin and David Dewey on Santa Cruz Island.  I learned so much about conservation and the multiple skills required to live on an island.  I am working hard to do justice to these interesting people.  

Soon I will be posting small videos about the following people and their individual cultures:

Elizabeth Poett- San Julian Ranch

Richard and Thekla Sanford- Alma Rosa Winery

Reynolds Yater- Yater Surfboards

Mike Lopez- Santa Ynez Chumash Casino and Resort

Geneveva Gonzalez-Mexican-American immigrant

Lyndal Laughrin,Ph.D- UC Reserve Director, Santa Cruz Island

Dave Dewey-Facilities Manager, The Nature Conservancy Santa Cruz Island

Shuji Nakamura-Inventor of the Blue LED Light, UCSB

Remember, I am using 3 mediums to create the portraits of people who represent a cultural influence.  Each of the 3 mediums has unique qualities to make an interactive experience with you, the audience.

The first medium is portrait painting.  It is the most traditional and oldest method.  It requires that I commit to 

one important image

 that captures the essence of the person being painted.  I am using skills that have been passed down through hundreds of years to create a 3 dimensional image by hand on a 2 dimensional surface.  As the audience, you have a contemplative, quiet experience.

Secondly, there is videography. This is the medium of this century.  It gives us sound and motion and multiple images.  It allows my subjects to speak and share their story.  You can see their mannerisms and hear the inflections in their voice.  In addition, you can see the portrait being made through time-lapse photography and video.

The third medium is social media.  It is a fast growing technology that gives us a platform to connect as subject, audience and artist.  Not only can you see and experience the work, but you can interact and influence the project.  You can access this work through a website and Facebook.  

I want your recommendations of people who should be interviewed and painted.  You can respond with posts and emails to the dialogue created from the video interviews.  You can also share the information by sending it on to your social network or using it to educate others about our diverse community.

Ultimately, we have a stronger community when we understand and appreciate ourselves and the 

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